Prince Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,655
Min. Points 2,010
Min. Tourn. Points 230 points
Strength Purple Water
Min. Weight 3.13 lb / 1.42 kg
Min. Pole Level 64 Excali-pole
Min. Skill Art of Night Fishing
Habitat (Population) Fishertonville (Very Rare)
In-game links
Prince Fish Page
Prince Fish Longest Streaks
Prince Fish First Catches
Prince Fish Trophy Catches
Prince Fish Most Catches

Description: While unquestionably famous, the Prince Fish continues to receive mixed reviews from critics. The flamboyant fish continues to perform various remixes of the Purple Water. Wranglers must get medieval to catch this axe carrying fish.

How to catch Prince Fish: Catch Prince Fish by using a Level 64+ Excali-pole in Fishertonville. Requires the skill of Art of Night Fishing and Timing.

Requires the Medieval Chain add-on for the Excali-pole to catch.

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