Promontory Piranha Fish
Roperian Fish
Promontory piranha hidden
Min. Silver 586
Min. Points 582
Min. Tourn. Points 68 points
Min. Weight 2.00 lb
Min. Pole Level 56 Folsom
Min. Skill Basic Marksmanship
Habitat (Population) Subaqueous (Rare)
In-game links
Promontory Piranha Fish Page
Promontory Piranha Fish Longest Streaks
Promontory Piranha Fish First Catches
Promontory Piranha Fish Trophy Catches
Promontory Piranha Fish Most Catches

Description: Perhaps the most prominent of all Piranha on earth, Mount Promontory’s razor sharp carnivore loves to feast on the scraps of other local fish. The Promontory Piranha is always looking up towards the water surface.. contemplating its next attack.

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