Radio Roach Fish
Roperian Fish
Radio-roach hidden
Min. Silver 522
Min. Points 513
Min. Tourn. Points 59 points
Min. Weight 5 oz / 142 g
Min. Pole Level 2 Nueron Transducer
Min. Skill Mastering Nuclear Physics
Habitat (Population) Asteroid Reef (Average)
In-game links
Radio Roach Fish Page
Radio Roach Fish Longest Streaks
Radio Roach Fish First Catches
Radio Roach Fish Trophy Catches
Radio Roach Fish Most Catches

Description: Entomologists fear that the Cockroach may destroy the region since the insect obtains a higher radiation tolerance than other vertebrates. Wranglers must understand that this roach isn’t listening to a radio or ipod; rather, he’ll give you a dose of radiation poisoning.

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