Rancor Fish
Roperian Fish
Rancor hidden
Min. Silver 1,766
Min. Points 1,777
Min. Tourn. Points 203 points
Min. Weight 2.19 lb / 992 g
Min. Pole Level 50 Nueron Transducer
Min. Skill Mastering Nuclear Physics
Habitat (Population) Asteroid Reef (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Rancor Fish Page
Rancor Fish Longest Streaks
Rancor Fish First Catches
Rancor Fish Trophy Catches
Rancor Fish Most Catches

Description: Found on every planet, Rancor controls the criminal underworld of the solar system. The catastrophic asteroid introduced Rancor to Earth, and wranglers must eliminate the violent breed before destruction occurs all over Roperia.

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