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Red Love Chum
Farovian Chum
Cost (Refund) Donation/Offers/Player to player Trading (N/A)
Chum Loss 0%
Attraction 15%
Retail Outlet N/A

Description: Red Love Chum casts a love spell on fish that all types cannot resist. You will almost always catch a fish with it and you'll NEVER LOSE a piece of it. It's a special bait for those who help support the application.

Red Love Chum provides numerous benefits over normal chums;

  • With Red Love Chum, you will catch a fish ~95% of the time when using it. Plus it's only used when you catch a fish, unlike the other chums which may float away or get stolen.
  • Another major benefit of Red Love Chum is that it increases the speed of your pole leveling (see Pole Leveling) and levels your pole even if you did not catch a fish. Additionally it gives a +2 bonus to your pole's level, so you can catch fish at higher pole level requirements.
  • If used in Icelantica, Sig's Lab or Parribea, Red Love Chum will give +200 goodness/evilness points after every cast.
  • Users have a greater chance at finding RLC in treasure chests when using this chum and there is a 30% chance of a treasure chest having FLC, for 3 weeks after purchasing RLC.
  • Red Love Chum increases your chances to catch the top 4 fish of the location you are in by 25%. This is the exact same bonus you also get from a maxed level pole, so if you have both in effect you will have the effect twice. (50% better chance for the top 4 fish). (Note in practice it may not make much difference, if the chance is one in a hundred (1%) a 50% boost to it would make it a 1.5% chance instead. So, without a thorough statistical analysis it's hard to see the effect in action).
  • RLC users will typically receieve extra deckhand checks! (Generally at least one every ~2 hours.)
  • And purchasers of RLC will be entitled to faster Tournament casts. Instead of waiting 20 seconds between tournament casts, you will only wait 8 seconds. (No minimum purchase, doesn't expire)
  • Travel between islands is 5 times faster with any donations over $10. Donations less than $10 will speed up your traveling by 2 times. Speed boosts last one calendar month.
  • Not related to gameplay, but the final benefit is that you will not see advertisements on Fish Wrangler for 30 days after a donation.

Red Love Chum can also be traded to other wranglers for gold, or given to them for free on either the public or private markets.

Note that the reduced travel times, faster tournament casts and the filtering of advertisements are only available through RLC donations.

In February of 2010, the image of Red Love Chum was changed to its current image. The old image can be seen here

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