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Red Lust Prize Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold $25 in cash! (details)
Min. Points n/a or $50 in [Red Love Chum]
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Strength -
Bait Preference -
Min. Weight -
Min. Pole Any pole
Min. Skill Introduction to Chumming
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Possibly Extinct)
Fishertonville (Special)
Blue Crescent (Special)
Magma Reef (Special)
Sans Culpra (Special)
Sigs Lair (Special)
Sigs Vault (Special)
Sigs Wasteland (Special)
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Red Lust Prize Fish Page
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Red Lust Prize Fish Trophy Catches

Description: The enticing Red Lust is a passionate and lovable fish that inconspicuously prowls the waters of Farovia. Red Lust is the first “Prize Fish” on Fish Wrangler, which means she offers a special cash reward when reeled in!
UPDATE: As of April 2nd, 2013 the FW Fish and Game Department has released the Red Lust to ALL areas in Farovia and Roperia!

When the Red Lust is caught, you'll have the option to receive the $25 via PayPal or $50 worth of Red Love Chum. Good luck!

How to catch Red Lust Fish: Catch Red Lust by using any fishing pole. Requires the skill of Introduction to Chumming. Red Lust is immune to Liquid Gold & other attractants.

Red Lust Fish will also appear in the news ticker when caught for up to 30 minutes, and the page will additionally display when & who was the last one to catch it, as well.

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