Centre for all new Roperian pages (action plan)Edit

Have done a clean-up pass on the remaining tasks to try to keep things focused on what still needs doing

Chris Nye 20:57, May 3, 2011 (UTC)

Finally got to Mosquito Run, which unlocked all the Nizon River fish in my "All Fish" listing. So we now have fish pages for all fish currently released!

Chris Nye 18:23, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

We really just need help putting in tournament values for fish. And updating collection sets so each has their own page like the 3 in Farovia do (Penguin, Racoon, Bear) and 1 in Roperia (DirtBag).

Jeydo (talk) 14:58, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

Create new fish pagesEdit

No fish currently need adding!

Use Roperian templates!! - Template:RoperiaFishInfo and Template:RoperiaFishInfobox

Once a page is created for a new fish, it also need to be added as a new entry to Roperia fish summary and Roperia tourney release points pages so they show up in the island / tournament lists.

For more information, see Adding Fish.

Update new island pages.Edit

Create or update pole / quests pagesEdit

Since you don't get quest names until you unlock them, the above currently use "Quest 1", "Quest 2", etc. Need updating as discovered.

Don't forget to copy info from pole-specific page to Quests chart

Resources Edit

Create / update "Fish of XXX" pagesEdit

Add new fish to summary pagesEdit

For more information, see Adding Fish.

Tournament pointsEdit

Need to continue gathering Roperian Tournament points on individual fish pages.

Easiest way to determine needed values is to search for TBD in the island charts.

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