Rudolph the Reinbie Fish
Farovian Fish
Reinbie shadow
Min. Gold 1,050
Min. Points 2,865
Min. Tourn. Points  375
Strength Rabie Babie
Min. Weight 31.19 lb
Min. Pole Level 86 Holy Liberator
Level 86 Evil Obliterator
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Snowpeak River (Fairly Prolific)
Snowpeak Summit (Numerous)
In-game links
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Page
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Longest Streaks
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish First Catches
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Trophy Catches
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Most Catches

Description: Foaming at the mouth, Rudolph the red-eyed Reinbie occasionally comes out for a swim down the river. Many scientists have attempted to contain this wild fish after several wranglers transmitted rabies (and later died due to hydrophobia). Recent reports claim that the dart upgrade successfully captures the vicious fish.

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