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Santa FrancescaEdit

Description: Santa Francesca is the largest island in Roperia and very different from the environment in Farovia. The polluted waters, over-populations and unattractive fish selections can be discouraging, but many wranglers say the rough conditions are worth the journey!

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Getting to Santa FrancescaEdit

To reach the Roperia region, you can follow the Unlocking Roperia page. This will get you to Santa Francesca, and guide you to buying your first pole in this new region.

What to BuyEdit

Santa Francesca is much like its Farovian counterpart of Waterport. You start completely over with everything including skills, poles, boats, and gold (which is now silver). Your first pole in the new region will be either the Crapolé or the Floral Standard which are similar to the Oak Branch and the Broken Standard of Farovia respectively. Each pole will cost you 280 silver. Later on, you will be able to purchase the Landscaper when you catch the Task Fish for one of these poles. You will then need to switch to it to move onward.

What to catchEdit

Much like Waterport, the same type of populations exist in Santa Francesca as well.

Completion msg: » Woohoo I've caught all 39 fish in Santa Francesca! (100%)

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Ocular Fish Crapolé/ Floral Standard/ Landscaper Filtration 101 12Fairly Prolific 56 62 -
Ratty Fish Crapolé/ Floral Standard/ Landscaper Filtration 101 11Numerous 74 79 -
Box Fish Crapolé/ Floral Standard/ Landscaper Filtration 101 11Numerous 105 103 -
Alley Fish Crapolé/ Floral Standard/ Landscaper Filtration 101 07Extremely Rare 413 428 -
Crooked Fish Crapolé/ Floral Standard/ Landscaper Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,392 1,360 -
Pigeon Puffer Fish Level 10 Crapolé Filtration 101 10Average 159 164 -
Blue Gill Fish Level 20 Crapolé Filtration 101 09Rare 225 228 -
Gull Fish Level 30 Crapolé Filtration 101 07Extremely Rare 573 581 -
Roid Fish Level 40 Crapolé Filtration 101 05Endangered 799 803 -
Razor Wire Eel Fish Level 50 Crapolé Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,523 1,480 -
Anchorhead Shark Fish Level 53 Crapolé Filtration 101 05Endangered 1,177 1,182 -
Hero Fish Level 57 Crapolé Filtration 101 11Numerous 682 687 -
Hermit Crab Fish Level 64 Crapolé Filtration 101 08Very Rare 844 848 -
Heap Turtle Fish Level 73 Crapolé Filtration 101 04Critically Endangered 1,215 1,207 -
Concrete Fish Level 80 Crapolé Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,603 1,610 -
Working Fish Level 5 Floral Standard Filtration 101 05Endangered 619 614 -
Scraper Fish Level 10 Floral Standard Filtration 101 10Average 160 156 -
Clown Fish Level 20 Floral Standard Filtration 101 09Rare 230 235 -
Stank Fish Level 30 Floral Standard Filtration 101 08Very Rare 562 554 -
Pox Fish Level 40 Floral Standard Filtration 101 05Endangered 789 788 -
Ladies Knight Fish Level 50 Floral Standard [[Skills#Filtration 101 | Filtration 101]] 02Possibly Extinct 1,536 1,485 {{{prefers}}}
Black Widocto Fish Level 53 Floral Standard Filtration 101 05Endangered 1,175 1,180 {{{prefers}}}
Wonder Fish Level 57 Floral Standard Filtration 101 11Numerous 685 682 -
Modern Fish Level 64 Floral Standard Filtration 101 08Very Rare 851 856 -
Assassin Fish Level 73 Floral Standard Filtration 101 04Critically Endangered 1,208 1,211 -
Derby Fish Level 80 Floral Standard Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,612 1,606 -
Czar Fish Level 5 Landscaper Filtration 101 06Threatened 977 685 -
Sweeper Fish Level 10 Landscaper Filtration 101 09Rare 236 239 -
Siesta Fish Level 20 Landscaper Filtration 101 10Average 399 405 -
Spite Fish Level 30 Landscaper Filtration 101 08Very Rare 588 576 -
Haight Fish Level 40 Landscaper Filtration 101 05Endangered 845 851 -
Whacker Eel Fish Level 50 Landscaper Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,599 1,608 -
Mantis Fish Level 53 Landscaper Filtration 101 05Endangered 1,245 1,250 -
Rose Fish Level 57 Landscaper Filtration 101 11Numerous 769 774 -
Sod Eel Fish Level 64 Landscaper Filtration 101 08Very Rare 997 992 -
Root Horse Fish Level 73 Landscaper Filtration 101 04Critically Endangered 1,260 1,273 -
Dandy Lion Fish Level 80 Landscaper Filtration 101 02Possibly Extinct 1,689 1,694 -
Sludge Shark Fish Level 80 Crapolé AND Level 80 Floral Standard AND Level 80 Landscaper 02Possibly Extinct 5,505 5,515 -

A rogues gallery of each Santa Francesca fish can be found in The Fish of Santa Francesca.

What chumEdit

Just like in Farovia, Red Love Chum will always give you the best catch rates. But if you don't have any or prefer to save it for quests, here are some tips on effectively using the Roperian Chum when starting out in Santa Francesca.

The low Attraction rating of the Grub Chum really makes this a choice of last resort. At low pole levels, your fish attraction is going to be mainly from your chum, so Grubs should probably be avoided. Free Grub chum (from the Spirit of the Sea when starting Roperia or from Treasure Cases) can be used or sold as you wish.

At low levels, the common fish that are available to be caught (Ocular Fish, Ratty Fish, and Box Fish) don't reward you much silver. And the low level of the pole means that steals will be more common, wasting chum. So the Tater Chum isn't cost effective until you reach at least level 10 on your Crapolé / Floral Standard and start reeling in Scraper Fish / Pigeon Puffer Fish.

Mystery Meat Chum seems to give the best balance of attraction and cost to allow you to best profit from the fish you can catch. Once your starter pole has reached level 10 to 25, the higher silver reward of those fish make Tater chum a more viable choice.

Moving onEdit

To advance to New Seinborough, just follow the instructions from the Spirit of the Sea on your maps page:


Spirit of the Sea

The Spirit of the Sea is a majestic force that has guided many of the greatest Roperian Fisherman ever known. She has asked you to help save Roperia from disaster, as neighboring islands continue to over-fish and pollute these once pristine waters.
How to unlock:
1) Catch a level 40 Roid Fish or Pox Fish to show the Spirit you can level a pole up to 40.
2) Catch a level 50 Whacker Eel with the Landscaper Pole to prove you can landscape with the best of them
3) Learn the Art of Mysticism to learn how to balance the Pallet Raft!
4) Purchase the unstable Pallet Raft and voyage to New Seinborough - a mythical and dangerous location that you shall now be prepared for!

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