Scout Shrimp Fish
Roperian Fish
Scout shrimp hidden
Min. Silver 1,015
Min. Points 1,011
Min. Tourn. Points 116 points
Min. Weight 1.06 lb / 482 g
Min. Pole Level 20 Folsom
Min. Skill Basic Marksmanship
Habitat (Population) Perilimeter (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Scout Shrimp Fish Page
Scout Shrimp Fish Longest Streaks
Scout Shrimp Fish First Catches
Scout Shrimp Fish Trophy Catches
Scout Shrimp Fish Most Catches

Description: TASK FISH!
In charge of recruitment at Mt. Promontory Naval Testing Center, the Scout Shrimp keeps a close eye on the guards stationed at the Perilimeter. Once wranglers capture this shrimp, the doors will open to the Hexperiment facility.

The Scout Shrimp is part of a Task:
Catch a level 20 Scout Shrimp to unlock Hexperiment, the second location of Mount Promontory!

Trivia: The Scout Shrimp is the lowest level Possibly Extinct Fish at Lv 20. But it also blocks access to the 2nd Folsom add-on in Hexperiment. It's recommended to either try catching it in a tournament in Perilimeter at Lv 18-20 using love chum and/or using LG if you can't catch the shrimp before then in the 3rd Folsom Quest.

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