Scraper Fish
Roperian Fish
Scraper hidden
Min. Silver 156
Min. Points 160
Min. Tourn. Points 20 points
Min. Weight 10 oz / 284 g
Min. Pole Level 10 Floral Standard
Min. Skill Filtration 101
Habitat (Population) Santa Francesca (Average)
In-game links
Scraper Fish Page
Scraper Fish Longest Streaks
Scraper Fish First Catches
Scraper Fish Trophy Catches
Scraper Fish Most Catches

Description: The large head of the Scraper Fish contains sonar glands that prevent detection from intruders. Additionally, this species blends in with the skyscrapers and heavy pollution that abound the city, so wranglers should use a Level 10+ Floral Standard Pole.

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