Shorn Warrior Fish
Roperian Fish
Shorn-warrior hidden
Min. Silver 707
Min. Points 700
Min. Tourn. Points 91 points
Min. Weight 1.25 lb
Min. Pole Level 70 Poacherist
Min. Skill Sacrifice Survival
Habitat (Population) Sepulcro del Sol (Very Rare)
In-game links
Shorn Warrior Fish Page
Shorn Warrior Fish Longest Streaks
Shorn Warrior Fish First Catches
Shorn Warrior Fish Trophy Catches
Shorn Warrior Fish Most Catches

Description: The "Shorn Ones" are prestigious warriors that carry out missions to protect the Aztec empire, specifically identifiable by their shaved heads and sheared outfits. Battle the Shorn Warrior Fish by using a Level 70+ Poacherist Pole.

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