Fish Points ValuesEdit

The value in points of the fish in Sig's Underwater Lab is plotted below for easy comparison.

The table can be resorted on Fish or Points value via the controls in the header.

Until the Resource Mix is complete you should be catching the following list of unmutated fish, rather than their mutated counterparts. As for the unmutated fish, their point values should be reflected in their home port's chart.  Once you've unlocked the Resource Mix, you should only catch the Mutated version of the fish as listed below:

  • mutated ( Bowtie Eel) unmutated: Necktie Eel
  • mutated ( Great Diablo Shark) unmutated: Red Diablo Shark
  • mutated ( Siberian Liger Shark) unmutated: Siberian Tiger Shark
  • mutated ( ShoGun) unmutated: Samurai
  • mutated ( Meat Grinder Marlin) unmutated: Chainsaw Marlin
  • mutated ( Reeko Suave) unmutated: Suave
  • mutated ( Spectacled Hate) unmutated: Speckled Hate
  • mutated ( Eyeball Ray) unmutated: Sting Ray
  • mutated ( Woolly Squid) unmutated: Mammoth Squid
  • mutated ( octo) unmutated: Octo Octo
  • mutated ( Muthahnt) unmutated: Peccant
  • mutated ( Winged Ray) unmutated: Spotted Eagle Ray
  • mutated ( Kingdom Crab) unmutated: King Crab
  • mutated ( Electropian Lobsta) unmutated: Red Lobsta
  • mutated ( Diamond Rock) unmutated: Rock
  • mutated ( Flamion) unmutated: Fire Lion
  • mutated ( Giant PBJ) unmutated: Peanut Jelly
  • mutated ( Spotlight) unmutated: Lantern
  • mutated ( Band Crab) unmutated: Fiddler Crab
  • mutated ( Joan of Enjer) unmutated: Joan of Arc
  • mutated ( Squid Murderous) unmutated: Squid Vicious
  • mutated ( Flaymzor) unmutated: Flamyro
  • mutated ( O850) unmutated: T850
  • mutated ( Magma Octo) unmutated: Octo Magma
  • mutated ( Razorback) unmutated: Razor Shark
  • mutated ( Reaper) unmutated: Grim
  • mutated ( Madcow) unmutated: Toro

Sig's LairEdit

Fish Points                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Red Diablo Shark Fish    697  
Suave Fish    584  
Chainsaw Marlin Fish    1,746  
Samurai Fish    900  
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish    1,223  
Speckled Hate Fish    1,500  
Necktie Eel Fish    1,802  
Bowtie Eel Fish    1,650  
Great Diablo Shark Fish    1,708  
Siberian Liger Shark Fish    1,819  
ShoGun Fish    1,918  
Meat Grinder Marlin Fish    3,044  
Reeko Suave Fish    2,073  
Spectacled Hate Fish    2,166  

Sig's VaultEdit

Fish Points                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Mammoth Squid Fish    2,532  
Sting Ray Fish    3,021  
Peccant Fish    1,420  
King Crab Fish    2,011  
Octo Fish    3,865  
Spotted Eagle Ray Fish    3,905  
Red Lobsta Fish    4,293  
Great Diablo Shark Fish    1,708  
ShoGun Fish    1,918  
Reeko Suave Fish    2,073  
Spectacled Hate Fish    2,166  
Eyeball Ray Fish    2,633  
Woolly Squid Fish    2,869  
Octo Octo Fish    4,244  
Mutahnt Fish    2,793  
Winged Ray Fish    4,115  
Kingdom Crab Fish    3,965  
Electropian Lobsta Fish    4,668  

Sig's WastelandEdit

Fish Points                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Grim Fish    650  
Toro Fish    475  
Joan of Arc Fish    3,651  
Rock Fish    2,450  
Razor Shark Fish    2,510  
Squid Vicious Fish    3,566  
Lantern Fish    1,682  
Peanut Jelly Fish    2,303  
Fiddler Crab Fish    2,977  
T850 Fish    4,529  
Fire Lion Fish    3,515  
Flamyro Fish    3,123  
Octo Magma Fish    7,019  
Great Diablo Shark Fish    1,708  
Siberian Liger Shark Fish    1,819  
ShoGun Fish    1,918  
Eyeball Ray Fish    2,633  
Mutahnt Fish    2,793  
Kingdom Crab Fish    3,965  
Electropian Lobsta Fish    4,668  
Diamond Rock Fish    4,945  
Flamion Fish    5,990  
Giant PBJ Fish    3,501  
Spotlight Fish    4,127  
Band Crab Fish    7,203  
Joan of Enjer Fish    10,321  
Squid Murderous Fish    5,990  
Flaymzor Fish    3,501  
O850 Fish    4,127  
Magma Octo Fish    7,203  
Razorback Fish    10,321  
Sir Sigfried Fish    3,511  
Madcow Fish    7,705  
Reaper Fish    7,705  
Igor the Algae Fish    10,705  
Igor the Plankton Fish    10,705  
Plangaepus Fish    25,001  

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