Smiling Porpoise Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,488
Min. Points 2,647
Min. Tourn. Points 334 points
Min. Weight 21.63 lb / 9.81kg
Min. Pole Level 43 Alcatraz
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Resources Tooth Paste (99% Attract)
Habitat (Population) Misty Cliffs (Endangered)
Bottomless Depths (Threatened)
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Description: Do not expect to catch a cute dolphin when reeling in this porpoise! Notoriously flaunting a large grin after battle, the species became known as the "Smiling Porpoise" and continues to attack misinformed wranglers to this day.

How to catch Smiling Porpoise Fish: Catch Smiling Porpoise Fish using a Level 43+ Alcatraz Pole in Misty Cliffs and Bottomless Depths. Attract the Smiling Porpoise by using Tooth Paste.

With Tooth Paste costing 350 shells, Smiling Porpoise Fish is the highest cost fish tied to a fish attractant. Magmaniac Fish has Muscle 90k that also costs 350 shells, however the fish also drops shells when caught so it makes up for the profit margin also.