Static Urchin Fish
Roperian Fish
Static urchin hidden
Min. Silver 459
Min. Points 452
Min. Tourn. Points 52 points
Strength Electricity
Min. Weight 5 oz
Min. Pole Level 5 Lightning Rod
Min. Skill Art of Mysticism
Habitat (Population) New Seinborough (Average)
In-game links
Static Urchin Fish Page
Static Urchin Fish Longest Streaks
Static Urchin Fish First Catches
Static Urchin Fish Trophy Catches
Static Urchin Fish Most Catches

Description: Tiny in size, the Static Urchin injects pointy spines into intruders to produce an electric shock through the entire body. Wranglers must seek immediate hospitalization should they mistakenly step on this camouflaged species.

The Static Urchin drops the Jar o Lightning Collectable ~15% of the time!

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