Striped Thylacine Fish
Roperian Fish
Striped-thylacine hidden
Min. Silver 784
Min. Points 785
Min. Tourn. Points 90 points
Min. Weight 1.00 lb
Min. Pole Level 26 Outback
Min. Skill Clockwise Navigation
Habitat (Population) Kingsland Confluence (Extremely Rare)
In-game links
Striped Thylacine Fish Page
Striped Thylacine Fish Longest Streaks
Striped Thylacine Fish First Catches
Striped Thylacine Fish Trophy Catches
Striped Thylacine Fish Most Catches

Description: The Kingsland’s Tiger Shark , scientifically named the Thylacine, was believed to be killing off local wildlife last century. In response, the government condemned the species and rewarded hunters with large bounties, leading to the breed’s extinction. Few sightings have been reported over the years, although scientists deny these claims.

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