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Description: The Naval Institute conducted top secret analysis in "Subaqueous" - an underwater lab located on the campus of Mount Promontory. Unbeknownst to the scientists, the fish gained strength during this scientific experimentation and decided to revolt against the scientists. The lab was completely destroyed during the rebellion; however, several mysterious fish sightings occur to this very day.

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Unlocking SubaqueousEdit

To unlock Subaqueous, catch a Nuclear Arms Squid Fish in Hexperiment. After being submerged mid-wrangle you discover this secret underwater area. Like its Farovian counterpart in Misty Cliffs, be prepared to spend some time on this, as the Nuclear Arms Squid Fish is classed as "possibly extinct". Use of RLC/FLC and/or Liquid Gold is recommended or have patience -- some wranglers have cast 50+ times before catching their first Nuclear Arms Squid.

What to catchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Pulverizer Shark Fish Level 50 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 12Fairly Prolific 460 455 -
Hinge Shark Fish Level 50 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 11Numerous 490 484 -
EMP Eel Fish Level 52 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 10Average 513 511 -
Promontory Piranha Fish Level 56 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 09Rare 582 586 -
Nautilus Snail Fish Level 60 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 625 620 -
Scorpion Lobster Fish Level 64 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 08Very Rare 693 697 -
Stinger Ray Fish Level 69 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 801 805 -
Walrus Shark Fish Level 74 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 06Threatened 975 988 -
Jellypus Fish Level 79 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 09Rare 749 747 -
Reclusive Octo Fish Level 84 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 864 859 -
Great White Squid Fish Level 89 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 04Critically Endangered 1,286 1,422 -
Leviathan Whale Fish Level 95 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 05Endangered 1,058 1,064 -
Albino Diablo Shark Fish Level 100 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 02Possibly Extinct 1,701 1,706 -

A rogues gallery of each Subaqueous fish can be found in The Fish of Subaqueous.