Fish List of Sig's VaultEdit

Below is a list of the fish in all of Sig's Vault. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

The fish of Sig's Vault come in two varieties. Those that can normally be found in Sans Culpra... and Mutated versions that replace the normal versions as the specific mixes are unlocked. The Red Lust Prize Fish does not mutate.

Regular Fish
Sting Ray Fish Mammoth Squid Fish Octo Fish Peccant Fish Spotted Eagle Ray Fish
Sting Ray Hidden Mammoth Squid Hidden Octo Hidden Peccant Hidden Spotted-eagleray
King Crab Fish Red Lobsta Fish
King-crab Hidden Red lobsta shadow
Mutated Fish
Great Diablo Shark Fish ShoGun Fish Reeko Suave Fish Spectacled Hate Fish Eyeball Ray Fish
Great-diablo-shark hidden Shogun hidden Reeko Suave hidden Spectacled Hate Fish hidden Eyeball-ray hidden
Woolly Squid Fish Octo Octo Fish Mutahnt Fish Winged Ray Fish Kingdom Crab Fish
Wooly-squid hidden Octo-octo hidden Mutant-hidden Winged-ray hidden Kingdom-crab hidden
Electropian Lobsta Fish
Electropian-lobsta hidden

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