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Third Party TripsEdit

There are three types of fishing trips that are not initiated by yourself; Captain Trips, Crew Trips and Deckhand Line Checks.

Captain TripsEdit

A Captain Trip is a particular kind of fishing trip. When you invite a friend to play Fish Wrangler and they join the game through your invite link, he or she becomes your apprentice.

You take the apprentice on a Captain Trip when they first log in to Fish Wrangler each (Farovian) day. Both players go on the trip from the Captain's location regardless of where the apprentice is. Captain and apprentice split the experience points earned and the Captain keeps the gold reward. Only the Captain is credited with fish catches, as the apprentice is just that; an apprentice and there to learn. The benefit for an apprentice is the extra experience points per day.

What are the benefits of Captain TripsEdit

The aim is to make Fish Wrangler more social by talking to friends you invited about fish you caught on Captain Trips, game tips, and advice. Verses seeing random names in your “Crew” that might as well be names of new deckhands because you don't ever remember adding them.

  • It gives reason for all levels of players to bring new friends into the game.
  • It makes experienced users feel good about helping new friends along in the game by “showing them the ropes.”
  • The idea seemed fun!

Is there a captain trip limit?Edit

There isn't an exact Captain Trip limit for Captains... however it's controlled in a simple way so balance isn't thrown off.

  • You can only take each apprentice (friend) on one Captain Trip a day. You leave for the Captain Trip when the apprentice (friend) first logs into Fish Wrangler.
  • After each Captain Trip, you're told how many you've been on in that day. For example, “Took Joe on my 2nd Captain Trip today...”
  • The apprentice always receives 50% of the points and 0% of the gold for their daily Captain Trip.
  • The Captain receives 50% of both the experience and gold from their first 2 Captain Trips of the day, 25% from the 3rd-10th Captain Trips, and 10% thereafter. It's setup this way so there's always a benefit to adding apprentices, while still maintaining balance in the game.

Examples of points and gold awarded on Captain TripsEdit

1st Captain Trip of day: (Caught a rare 1,000pt/gold Ninja Fish)
Took Francesca on my 1st Captain Trip of the day... I caught a 3 oz Ninja Fish - earned 500 points & 500 gold for showing my apprentice something new and my apprentice earned 500 points!
3rd Captain Trip of day: (Caught a rare 1,000pt/gold Ninja Fish)
Took Ismeralda on my 3rd Captain Trip of the day... I caught a 3 oz Ninja Fish - earned 250 points & 250 gold for showing my apprentice something new and my apprentice earned 500 points!
11th Captain Trip of day: (Caught a rare 1,000pt/gold Ninja Fish)
Took Diego on my 11th Captain Trip of the day... I caught a 3 oz Ninja Fish - earned 100 points & 100 gold for showing my apprentice something new and my apprentice earned 500 points!

Slacker Captain TripsEdit

A Slacker Captain Trip is when an Apprentice takes out their Captain on a so-called Captain Trip because they have more points than their Captain.

A Slacker Captain Trip happens daily, when the Apprentice logs into Fish Wrangler for the first time. The only requirement is that your Slackin' Captain has been seen within the last 2 days.

Captain Trips with Cap'n JozekEdit

Captain Trips with Cap'n Jozek allow users who weren't invited by anyone, and who haven't invited anyone to still use the new Captain Trip feature. You'll receive a pop up window saying you earned extra points with Cap'n Jozek for stopping in today. Which means, Cap'n Jozek takes the place of a facebook friend.

Deckhand Apprentice TripsEdit

A Deckhand Apprentice Trip is for users that do not have any friends as apprentices on Facebook. Instead of you taking a friend out on an Apprentice Trip, you'll take your assigned deckhand.

All you have to do is log into Fish Wrangler once a day, and you'll be set for the day!

Steals and MissesEdit

If the captain encounters a steal on the Captain Trip, the apprentice is still awarded some points for learning how not to catch that particular fish!

If the Captain has a complete miss (whiff), then the apprentice is rewarded with some compensation points for a 'generic' catch:

Watched my friend Chester catch a Fish and earned 178 points for learning very little from my so-called Captain.

Mis-reported Captain TripsEdit

In a few special cases, a certain type of catch does not get reported correctly as a Captain Trip. In these instances, the apprentice receives the extra points as if they went on a Captain Trip with Cap'n Jozek and the Captain appears to have undertaken a normal cast, albeit tied the rules of a Captain Trip (not counting towards Quests, ignoring any chum usage rules, etc).

The catches to date known to exhibit this behaviour to date are:

  • Catching a Loafy Fish (because the Loafy Fish doesn't award gold and hence falls through the reward sharing code)
  • Catching a School of Cubeys


Captain Trips reset every night at approximately 4am FVT (GMT-7) - not 12am. Many game aspects reset daily, so resets are staggered over the first few hours of the day to minimize problems. The time does not affect the number of trips at all. So long as both players log in on any given day, there will always be one Captain Trip per apprentice per day.

Chum use / pole leveling: Taking an apprentice on a captain trip does not level the captain's pole and does not use chum for the trip (so the Captain is not at a disadvantage by having any precious Red Love Chum/Free Love Chum drain away or by having the wrong chum activated in the wrong place - for example Fire Sludge Chum outside of Magma Reef or using any other chum in Magma Reef).

Catching Streaks: Captain trips do NOT count towards any catching streaks, but any fish caught is added to the captain's catch list.

Quests: Captain trips do NOT count towards Quest catches.

Environments: Captain trips do not count towards the trips per day amount for the captain (i.e. number of dives in Sans Culpra or number of safe casts in Magma Reef). If a Captain Trip is made mid-transit, the captain trip is still made and it is the fish that reside in the location that is being traveled to that are available to be caught on this trip.

Night Fishing: If your apprentice logs in while you are Night Fishing, you will not go on a captain trip at that time as you cannot be in two places at the same time. Your captain trip will happen the next time you are both active.

Crew TripsEdit

A Crew Trip is when a member of your Crew (ie. Facebook friend) goes fishing and takes you with them. As with any other Trip you take, there's no guarantee of a catch, but any fish you DO catch are added to your points and gold total. You are also awarded 50 points per person for every crew member you take when you lead a Crew Trip.

Crew Trip notifications show in your Captain's Log in the same way your other Trips show. Here's an example of each;

  • February 25 1:41am FVT
Barney led trip... Caught a 11 oz Mime Fish, worth 149 points and 211 gold. Used 1 Steak Chum, have 52 left.
  • February 24 11:26pm FVT
Caught a 10 oz Mime Fish, worth 147 points and 210 gold. Used 1 Cayenne Chum, have 25 left. Received 100 extra points for bringing 2 crew members!

You are able to go on crew trips if you've logged on in the last 2 hours. Nothing special needs to be done; you will automatically take any eligible crew whenever you fish, and automatically be taken along if you are eligible.

How Crew Trips WorkEdit

Eligibility: Any crew member that has logged on in the last 2 hours, and has not already been taken on a crew trip in the last 30 minutes is eligible to be taken on a crew trip. You can check the eligibility of yourself and members of your crew from your My Crew tab (next to your 'My Profile' tab).

There are some islands, due to their particular hazards or circumstances, where crew trips will not occur. These are Magma Reef and scuba diving in Sans Culpra before you have your license.

Frequency: You can be taken on a Crew Trip every half hour by a friend who goes fishing.

You can lead a crew trip every time you fish, meaning you can take any of your eligible friends any time you Fish NOW!.

You don't take friends on Crew Trips when you skip.

Equipment: You will use whatever equipment (pole, chum, resources) you have equipped at the time.

Points: As a leader of a Crew Trip you get bonus points (50 points per crew member up to a maximum of 150 points) per trip. Points are applied regardless of whether or not you or they catch anything.

Catching Streaks: Any catches made on Crew Trips are added towards a streak.

Damage: You pole cannot be damaged on a Crew Trip.

How To Get More Crew TripsEdit

There are two ways to get more crew trips:

  1. Add friends who play FishWrangler. This is the easiest way to get more crew trips, but was not the original intention of the feature.
  2. Convince your existing friends to play FishWrangler!

Blocking Crew Trips - Private FishingEdit

At times, you may want to block crew trips - for example, while using attractants in the tournament. Private fishing blocks crew trips for 10 minutes. The link to "Private Fishing?" is found at the bottom of the Tournament details section. Clicking on the link brings up a dialog box saying:

"Block Crew Trips for 10 min?
This feature allows users to block crew trips while they do tournament casts with resources, so resources are only used on tourny casts."

Either of the following messages is displayed when "Block crew trips!" is selected:

When your last crew trip was less than 20 minutes ago:

Can only block crew trips when your last crew trip was over 20 mins ago, otherwise people who just went on a crew trip could technically use this feature to get a couple extra crew trips/day. (Anyways, you will not have another crew trip for at least ~xx mins.)"
(where xx is greater than 20 mins)

When your last crew trip was more than 20 minutes ago:

Blocked crew trips for 10 minutes. (Set last crew trip to 20 minutes ago.)"

NOTE: Crew trips are blocked for 10 minutes when activated, whether or not you do cast in tournaments or regular fishing.

Deckhand Fishing TripsEdit

Deckhand Fishing Trips are similar to Crew Fishing Trips. However, Deckhand Fishing Trips are for users who haven't invited any friends. Deckhand Fishing Trips however do not count towards catching streaks, nor do they use resources unlike Crew Trips.

If you don't have any crew members, the deckhands will stop by and check your line in place of friends. All you have to do is stop in and click on any Fish Wrangler page to have your line checked multiple times that day.

Deckhand Line ChecksEdit

Your line will be checked multiple times during the day by an underpaid deckhand. All you have to do is stop in and click on any Fish Wrangler page after 12am FVT (GMT-7) to have your line checked multiple times that day.

The deckhands will check your line approximately every hour throughout the day except between the hours 12 am FVT - 3am FVT. Even deckhands need a rest!

Deckhand checks do NOT use resources. In addition, any catches a deckhand makes does not impact nor contribute to any Catching Streaks. Deckhand checks DO increase your pole level however and are included for Quest catches.

Deckhand checks follow the same logic for location eligibility as Crew Trips. i.e. you will not get any Deckhands checks in Magma Reef due to the limited number of casts allowed there. The same holds in Sans Culpra if you have not acquired your Scuba Diving Licence yet.

Occasionally, if you have the Mini Cruiser active, you may find the deckhand has let some steam off and taken your boat out for a WILD JOYRIDE. Your Fuel consumption on these trips will be far more than normal. Lets hope the catch was worth it! :-)

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