FW Timer Edit

FW Timer is still usable but somewhat outdated.

Judge for yourself.

Fish Wrangler Desktop Widget [UPDATED] Edit

The Fish Wrangler Desktop widget is a standalone widget meaning that it does not need any program such as Windows Sidebar or Google Desktop to run it.

This is a desktop widget which utilises features such as a timer as well as audio and visual alerts. You can customise the time and even the layout of the widget. Requires Microsoft Windows.

NEW Features:

- Search the wiki from your desktop

- Compact mode - Save space on your desktop

For more information visit:

FW Toolbar Edit

FW Pole Leveling Time CalculatorEdit

If you ever want to estimate how much longer it will take to level up your fishing pole, I whipped together a simple calculator to do all of the math for you. Just plug in a few numbers and click the submit button...nice and easy. See it at:

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