Trophy fish are much larger than normal catches of regular fish. These catches are worth much more gold and points - they are also extremely rare.

When you catch a Trophy Fish, the message will read: "OH MY! Caught a VERY RARE ______"...

Any Trophy Fish caught will appear on the wrangler's profile page.

A list of the top 20 trophy fish caught (per fish) can be found at Note that a Trophy Fish just caught may not be heavy enough to enter the top 20, in which case it should still appear in the list of recent catches which is updated every 10 minutes.

Wranglers will be taunted when they have attracted a Trophy Fish but failed to catch it with the gold and points they would have been awarded if only they hadn't missed.

Eg. A VERY RARE 11.33 ft Chainsaw Marlin Fish dodged my lure and ate my chum. It would have been worth 5410 points and 4508 gold

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