Tubeworm Fish
Farovian Fish
Tubeworm Hidden
Min. Gold 1,841
Min. Points 1,635
Min. Tourn. Points 190 points
Min. Weight 4.06 lb / 1.84 kg
Min. Pole Level 35 Cubey Incinerator
Min. Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Magma Reef (Endangered)
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Description: A small number of Tubeworm adapted to sweltering temperatures after being nearly wiped out from the catastrophic volcanic eruption. Making a comeback in population, the angry worm can be seen burrowing in lava rocks with a protruding red-tube head.

How to catch Tubeworm Fish:

Catch Tubeworm Fish by using a Level 35+ Cubey Incinerator in Magma Reef. Requires the skill of Mastering Shark Wrangling.