Umbrella Puffer Fish
Roperian Fish
Umbrella-puffer hidden
Min. Silver 888
Min. Points 894
Min. Tourn. Points 104 points
Min. Weight 2.94 lb / 1.33 kg
Min. Pole Level 36 Candy Cane or Medical Mangler
Min. Skill Handling Rejection
Habitat (Population) Castout Creek (Average)
In-game links
Umbrella Puffer Fish Page
Umbrella Puffer Fish Longest Streaks
Umbrella Puffer Fish First Catches
Umbrella Puffer Fish Trophy Catches
Umbrella Puffer Fish Most Catches

Description: Always prepared for a gloomy day, the Umbrella will puff at the first sight of rain in Castout Creek. The breed’s claws can leave vicious scars, so never stand too close to an opened umbrella!

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