Unlocking RoperiaEdit

To unlock Roperia, you need to choose the Shuttle* to Roperia option under the Home button. You can either pay 4,000 gold (or $4.99). After choosing the option, the following text will appear:

(*Note: can only do 10 shuttles per hour limit)

Pay Earl 4,000 gold for the directions to Roperia?
Earl is in yet another jam.. and this time it's serious.
Earl hasn't paid his taxes in over ten years and the Farovian Feds are finally on to it.
So, the man of few words is ready to share the directions to a region long forgotten for a large sum of gold, until he has paid off his debts.

After paying the 4,000 gold, you will unlock Roperia and see the following message:

Woohoo! Received the new directions from Earl... unlocked Roperia!
Received the new directions from Earl and unlocked Roperia! I'll be arriving in Santa Francesca, Roperia in a minute! Earl reluctantly gave me 900 silver roples, the currency used in Roperia. He also taught me the Filtration 101 Skill and a little bit about Roperia. The waters there are heavily polluted due to the evil Dictator Danzic, who will do anything for a profit.

After arriving, you will see this message:

“How dare YOU, a refugee of some sort, come to my Land! I will DEPORT you!” -Angry Dictator Danzic
“You appear to be from Farovia, as you have nothing to show for - no points or equipment and little silver...
I will squeeze you like this fish in my hand... if you don't have a good reason for being here!” -Dictator Danzic
Make your move quick:
  • Lie and say you've been shipwrecked!
  • Run for the nearest exit!

After choosing either(?) option, you will see the following message:

“Hurry! Follow me you poor thing!” -The Spirit of the Sea
“Dictator Danzic would have squeezed you to death either way! Thank goodness I spotted you!
Danzic has been ruling Roperia ever since the Great Faropean War, which led to a huge separation and silence between Farovia and Roperia.” -The Lovely Spirit
Make your move:
  • Thanks for saving my life, I owe you!
  • C'mon suga, lets get fishin'...

After choosing either(?) option, you will see this:

“No problem! Help me save this lovely Land...” -The Spirit of the Sea
“Evil Danzic has been slowly killing off the fish in Roperia. The water is dirty and the land is barren.
Neighboring islands continue to overfish and polute these once pristine waters. Follow my directions and we might have a chance...
First, select or activate a Roperian pole below...
Next, show me your fishing skills by catching a level 40 Roid Fish or Pox Fish.” -The Spirit

Now, choose between Crapolé and Floral Standard. After you purchase one of the two poles, you will see the following message:

“Next, show me your fishing skills by catching a level 50 fish.” -The Spirit of the Sea
Excellent pole selection!
I've laid out your next tasks on the Map Page, so you can save Roperia from the Dictator Danzic and the neighboring islands.
Start leveling up your pole, so you can catch a Roid Fish or Pox Fish.” -The Spirit

So continue to level up the pole you chose in Santa Francesca and be on your way.

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