Vampire Fish
Farovian Fish
Vampire Hidden
Min. Gold 500
Min. Points 347
Min. Tourn. Points 87 points
Strength Mean Bite
Bait Preference Steak Chum
Min. Weight 10 oz / 284 g
Min. Pole Oak Branch
Broken Standard
Min. Skill Introduction to Chumming
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Very Rare)
Fishertonville (Near Extinction)
Blue Crescent (Timely)
Magma Reef (Timely)
Glacier Bay (Timely)
San Digloo (Timely)
Lake Freezberg (Timely)
Snowpeak River (Timely)
Snowpeak Summit (Timely)
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Description: Vampire Fish are attracted to fresh blood, foul smells, and special baits. This small devil is often found at night, sucking the blood of innocent aspiring wranglers.

How to catch Vampire Fish: Catch Vampire Fish using any fishing pole in Waterport. Requires the skill of Introduction of Chumming.
TIP: The fish has a higher population at 12am-1am FVT & 12pm-1pm FVT.
Even though the Vampire Fish regularly swims in WaterPort and Fishertonville waters and can be caught there at all times, many Wranglers have observed that the Vampire Fish can suddenly appear around midnight and noon FVT (GMT-7) and make a guest appearance everywhere!

In addition, while the Vampire Fish can make an appearance at night everywhere, it has been observed that they cannot be caught during a Night Fishing trip anywhere other than WaterPort.

Vampire Fish ID # is 8 and also found here: