Vet Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,290
Min. Points 3,475
Min. Tourn. Points 397 points
Strength Sonar Helmet
Bait Preference Steak Chum
Min. Weight 5.31 lb / 2.41 kg
Min. Pole Level 64 Sonar Pulverizer
Min. Skill Secrets of Farovia
Habitat (Population) Blue Crescent (Very Rare)
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Description: The War Vet Fish represented Farovia during the Faro-Icelantica War back in 1945. Despite the amputated lower fins, the “fish” prepares for combat every day with secret missions that involve grenade throwing.

How to catch Vet Fish: Catch Vet Fish by using a Level 64+ Sonar Pole in Blue Crescent. Requires the skill of Secrets of Farovia.

Requires the Robo Magnet add-on for the Sonar Pulverizer to catch.