Witch Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 666
Min. Points 666
Min. Tourn. Points 77 points
Strength Broomstick
Min. Weight 1.19 lb / 539 g
Min. Pole Level 25 Excali-pole
Min. Skill Art of Night Fishing
Habitat (Population) Fishertonville (Very Rare)
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Description: Casting spells upon innocent wranglers, the evil Witch Fish can be seen with a long broom-sticked tail and pointy mole-tipped nose. The fish is an essential ingredient in Betsy's “Witch's Brew” dish.

How to catch Witch Fish: Catch Witch Fish by using a Level 25+ Excali-pole in Fishertonville. Requires the skill of Art of Night Fishing and Timing.