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Woodpecker Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,280
Min. Points 1,825
Min. Tourn. Points 206 points
Strength Peckin Chum
Bait Preference Fish Guts Chum
Min. Weight 1.25 lb / 567 g
Min. Pole Level 73 Oak Branch
Min. Skill Art of Night Fishing
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Critically Endangered)
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Description: Dodging catch attempts by aspiring wranglers, the Woodpecker Fish can be seen pecking away at floating pieces of chum. Identify this fish by its oversized red-topped head, long yellow beak, and lightning quick speed.

How to catch Woodpecker Fish: Catch Woodpecker Fish by using a Level 73+ Oak Branch Pole in Waterport. Requires the skill of Art of Night Fishing and Timing.

Requires the Rotisserie Chicken add-on for the Oak Branch to catch.

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