Wrangler Fish
Roperian Fish
Wrangler hidden
Min. Silver 1,710
Min. Points 1,703
Min. Tourn. Points 192 points
Min. Weight 1.19 lb / 539 g
Min. Pole Level 50 Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Min. Skill Intro to Reef Cleaning
Habitat (Population) Redwood Crescent (Possibly Extinct)
In-game links
Wrangler Fish Page
Wrangler Fish Longest Streaks
Wrangler Fish First Catches
Wrangler Fish Trophy Catches
Wrangler Fish Most Catches

Description: TASK FISH!
Roles reverse as the Wrangler Fish uses a powerful jaw and precise technique to reel in the weak wranglers of Redwood Crescent. We call this karma!

The Wrangler is part of a Task:
Catch a level 50 Wrangler Fish with the Coal Powered Thermo-pole!

The Wrangler drops the Wrangler Reel Collectable ~50% of the time!

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