Zeus Eel Fish
Roperian Fish
Zeus-eel hidden
Min. Silver 1,369
Min. Points 1,362
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 3.31 lb
Min. Pole Level 53 Legionnaires Lance
Min. Skill Mythology of Roperia
Habitat (Population) Helvetica (Endangered)
In-game links
Zeus Eel Fish Page
Zeus Eel Fish Longest Streaks
Zeus Eel Fish First Catches
Zeus Eel Fish Trophy Catches
Zeus Eel Fish Most Catches

Description: Roperia knows when the Zeus is angered, because the skies will turn pitch black and the thunderstorms will quickly roll in. If you aren't scared yet, scientists compare the Zeus Eel's strength to the lightning bolts that hit the ocean surface.

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